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It is Incredible How Much Happiness We Sometimes Shared Together


Preview: Friday 3 August, 6-8.30pm

Dates: 4-19 August, Wednesday-Sunday 12-5pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

‘It is Incredible How Much Happiness We Sometimes Shared Together’ follows Slip.Collective’s previous exhibition ‘Let Slip’ at A.P.T Gallery, London (2017) where individual responses were brought together from a shared experience of a month spent together on a residency in rural Norfolk. Whilst elements of a shared place and experience shone through it brought to the forefront the question of how does each artist offer their different perspectives of the world?

The gallery will become a landscape of curated ideas, which looks to question through alternative perspectives “what kind of worlds are accessible.” Exploring how each artists voice and vision will shift in context as they are positioned together.

The exhibitors:

Izzy DuBois     Rachel Irons     Ben Urban    Eilidh Watson ; ;


Artist Workshop

SLIP.Collective present Re-Writing Realities running 10.30am-12pm Saturday 4, 11 and 18 August.

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