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Sophia Pauley and Nancy Nightingale

Preview -  6 September 2019 / 6pm-9pm
Dates -  6-21 Sept
Sat & Sun / 10am-5pm
Tues- Fri / 3pm-7pm
Closed Mondays
Sophia Pauley and Nancy Nightingale both graduated in Painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 and now continue to live and make work in Edinburgh. ‘Encounter’ is a contemporary exhibition bringing the two artists’ work into conversation. The premise of this collaborative show is to present a combined response to recognising space using their contrasting visual languages and alternative materials. The artists are removing themselves from their comfort zones to create a vibrant mix of pieces, for the purpose of public interaction, by responding and having fun with the space at Patriothall.
Sophia Pauley
Sophia focuses on the spaces in between the physical forms of the urban landscape, using a bright contrasting palette to accentuate the flowing shapes. She recreates her experiences of particular places by recording, using drawing and photography, then remembering and re-imagining, both visually and emotionally. She aims to transfer these experiences into a more interactive environment for the viewer, initiating movement around the exhibited work. This series of paintings have been made in response to the space at Patriothall as well as everyday encounters around the city, creating order from this sensory overload.
Instagram: @sophia_pauley_art
Nancy Nightingale
The focus of Nancy’s practice is the translation of light and shadow within spaces possessing a cinematic quality into textured mark making, and more recently extending this theme through photography and filmmaking. The construction of space is made with sensitivity to materiality, imitating visual moments containing both harsh and subtle light. The artist’s main body of work is often process-led which allows for a controlled restriction of information by removing detail, abstracting each space that would usually be regarded as something ordinary or routine. By abstracting the original space, Nancy is able to capture the mood without the need for explicit definition. Nancy’s work asks the viewer to look a little differently at the moments that pass them by, and notice how interaction with light plays a huge role in how a place can be perceived.
Instagram: @nanight_art
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