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C A P Leith School of Art


Preview: 15 June, 7-9pm

Dates: 16-24 June, 12-6pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday


This exciting exhibition presents the work of students completing the Contemporary Art Practice Course at Leith School of Art. 

You are invited to experience work of diverse process and media, reflecting the individual ideas and creativity of each artist. Installation, Film, Sculpture, Drawing and Painting employ a wide range of unexpected, and traditional materials: Tar, Plastic, Paper, Plaster, Cloth, Dust, Rust, Light, Pigment, Wire, Rock and more...

During the exhibition, artists will happily talk about their work and their experience of making art in the shared studio environment.


Leith School of Art - Contemporary Art Practice

The Contemporary Art Practice Course at Leith School of Art is a dynamic and life changing experience for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. It is a studio based fine art course with an emphasis on enquiry and experimentation. Engagement with ideas, materials and processes, lead students to consider what it means to be making art in the 21st century. Sound, Light, Intervention, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture are explored in both a personal and universal context.  The aim of the course is to provide new possibilities of expression, with students learning how to develop, then refine ideas through the making of art, acquiring an understanding of how the choice of media, technique and form communicate meaning.

Leith School of Art

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